Workplace Interpreting Training Program

Workplace Interpreting Training Program

Program Introduction

CLN started as an in-house training program and is now a language consulting company chosen by many of the top 100 enterprises. Well-known partners include Google, Yahoo, IBM, MediaTek, and Starbucks.

As companies gradually move towards internationalization, cross-border conferences or business occasions become increasingly important. This series of programs aims to train employees’ interpreting skills so that cross-border communication is no longer a barrier for companies. Through practical training, employees can truly apply what they have learned in the business world and help companies create maximum benefits.

If you are interested in our courses, please fill out the “Corporate Language Training Consultation” form. We will contact you further after receiving it.

Course Content

Course Topics
Introduction to interpreting
▸ Interpretation Strategies, Pre-interpreting Preparation Skills, Strategies for Handling Misinterpretation, Numerical Interpretation Techniques
▸ Message Meaning Retention, Fast Note-taking and Interpretation, Body Language Skills and Performance
Language logic
▸ Predicate, modality, tense, and logical use of demonstratives
▸ Propositional connectives, contextual semantics, Montague grammar, explicit and implicit reasoning, and the non-logical nature of language.
Sight translation skills
▸ Pausing in-between sentences, consecutive interpretation, simultaneous interpretation, adding information, repeating, shortening, omitting
▸ Part of speech conversion, special sentence patterns, discourse analysis, tone imitation, time control, speaking logic
Consecutive interpreting between Chinese and English
▸ Paraphrasing, memory reinforcement technique
▸ Sentence pronunciation fluency, clear enunciation
Speech analysis
▸ Dictation memory, speed reading and tone imitation, understanding cultural customs, oral and non-oral communication
▸ Reciting sentence by sentence, analyzing understanding, summarizing expression, polite phrasing
Speech and negotiation skills
▸ Using other words, tone imitation
▸ Negotiation strategies, practical exercises
Accompanying interpretation
▸ Concepts and principles of accompanying interpretation, building appearance image
▸ Whispered interpreting techniques
Progressive interpreting
▸ Short-term memory for interpretation, rearranging target language information, interpreting notes and reading
▸ Theme and idea recognition, cross-cultural communication skills
Simultaneous interpreting
▸ Simplification, summarization, abridgment, synthesis, explanation, prediction and other techniques
▸ Dividing attention, recognizing themes and ideas, rearranging target language information
Practice and observation
▸ Interpreting for political, legal, financial, travel, technology, and medical themes
▸ Translation of word class, sentence, and word meaning, concretization, abstraction