Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Sustainable Development

Give back to society
Integrating core competencies

Community Engagement

Engagement through practical actions
In response to societal needs

Values Sharing

Gradual engagement of social issues
Exertion of positive influence

CLN Internship Program

2018 Till Now

CLN provides opportunities for undergraduates and graduate students to participate in internships. Through the learning experience in the workplace, we promote practical abilities and experience, helping interns to discover their self-worth. With the spirit of corporate citizenship and corporate social responsibility, we cultivate outstanding and well-rounded talents from the perspective of nurturing.

Wings of Opportunity - Complimentary English Courses for Disadvantaged Students

2019 Till Now

Upholding the spirit of “creating shared value,” CLN hopes to bring a positive impact to society through its professional language education. To help undergraduates improve their English for their future career, CLN offers free and high-quality English courses worth ten thousand dollars to those who live in the Taipei area and have proof of financial need. 

Taiwan LGBT Pride


Through participating in the Pride Parade, CLN demonstrates its open-minded corporate spirit and supports diversity through practical action. CLN also encourages its employees to break the barrier, to speak up for themselves and respect different opinions, as well as to share a positive attitude of being themselves and loving themselves. We are committed to building a friendly and equitable working environment, which in the end creates more possibilities for a better world.

Plantārium Sustainability Workshop


As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to surge, it poses significant challenges to our normal way of life, leading to heated discussions on “sustainable development.” In October 2022, working hand in hand with Tzu Chi International Youth Association and Plantārium, CLN hosted a workshop with a focus on “Circular Regeneration”, “Sustainable Education”, and “Future Vegetarianism”, aiming to encourage the engagement of young people in social activities.