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Online Video English Course

Hahow English email writing

This online course combining CLN's 20-year teaching experience is designed specifically for working professionals. Throughout the course, essential business English email writing skills will be taught,

providing you with lifetime benefits, enabling you to break free from the constraints of template letters and inadequate expressions, and communicate confidently and “effectively” with native speakers.
Even with a busy schedule, you can easily attend the English email writing course that the top 100 companies are all taking, from the comfort of your home.

Hahow Remote English conference

To meet the demand for cross-border communication, CLN has created the innovative Con-call English online course, which compiles common issues encountered during remote conferences

(con-calxls). In addition to essential English phrases for con-calls, the course covers various topics such as English accent recognition, East-West conference culture introduction, and troubleshooting for conference equipment, all of which aim to comprehensively enhance the necessary English proficiency for remote meetings.

Hahow Professional socializing English

CLN has carefully crafted a 1.5-hour social English online course that simulates various workplace social scenarios through situational dramas, accompanied by expert explanations from the instructor.

From breaking the ice to understanding social etiquette and cultural differences, and ultimately learning how to use diplomatic and colloquial expressions, the course enables you to interact confidently with foreign counterparts in business and social situations and eliminates any fear of communicating in English.

Hahow English speaking for banking

This online course collects real-life cases of foreign customers conducting business at banks. Through foreign actors simulating actual bank English scenarios and teachers providing insightful analysis for different unit

topics, bank employees will have the opportunity to master various financial English terminologies and confidently communicate with foreign clients, making them comfortable from the moment they speak.

Hahow Essential Presentation English

This online course condenses Clarence's 20 years of teaching experience in English presentation skills and combines it with original English presentation teaching content. Starting from understanding

the basic elements of presentations and the differences in thinking between Chinese and English presentations, it teaches you how to structure different types of English presentations according to the occasion and audience attributes. It also helps you avoid common mistakes in English presentations made by Taiwanese people and gradually build your own collection of English presentation phrases during the course.

Hahow Interactive English teaching skills

This course combines theory and practice to teach subject teachers and corporate trainers how to use "simple and clear" English in their classrooms, in response to Taiwan's 2030 bilingual country policy.

In addition to introducing the CLIL bilingual teaching theory and Clarence’s self-created framework, this course also provides classroom language phrases, online resources, and teaching tips. It uses various teaching methods wrapped in “scenario dramas” to help teachers overcome their fear of teaching in English!

Features of Online Video Courses

This course series is specifically designed for working professionals. CLN combines the interactive elements of offline physical courses with the convenience of the internet. By dividing various business English topics into easily digestible chapters and themed courses, you can efficiently learn at any location and at any time, gradually building your workplace English proficiency. 

Logic-Based English Instruction

By utilizing logic-based instruction that emphasizes understanding and reasoning, our program allows students to quickly and efficiently absorb business English knowledge, freeing them from rote memorization and template-based learning methods. This approach challenges the traditional mindset toward language learning and helps students rediscover the English language.

Efficient Learning in a Short Time

By leveraging human's limited attention span, we have designed online English courses that are concise yet detailed. Each session is delivered in 10 to 20 minutes, providing useful business English concepts and breaking down common learning misconceptions. Our approach helps you achieve your long-term goals in a short period of time.

Real-time Feedback

We provide professional feedback on online coursework, offering immediate and high-quality assessments. Our approach is tailored to meet the needs of each individual student, providing timely guidance and incorporating feedback to enhance motivation and course completion rates.