Top-notch Team


Team vision

CLN is committed to changing the ecology of the foreign language training industry. We focus on the abilities and teaching proficiency of our instructors, rather than their nationality, appearance, or educational background. Through innovation, technology, and efficient management, we save unnecessary costs and offer competitive compensation packages above market rates to hire the best consultants in the industry.

Team development

In response to our clients’ diverse needs, CLN is constantly seeking better ways to serve them. To achieve this goal, CLN embraces innovation and combines English language education with management and consulting services, introducing talents from various fields into the team, and developing diversified services to meet market demand, injecting a steady stream of vitality into enterprises. “Continuous Learning & Nurturing” is our motto. CLN advocates a diverse, equal, and inclusive spirit, attaches great importance to talent development and nurturing, and encourages talents to grow, learn, and thrive with CLN in this ever-changing world.

Our consultant team

CLN’s consultant team has extensive practical and teaching experience. Through rigorous selection and retention processes, we provide customers with the highest quality services that meet and cater to their various needs at every level.

Meticulous standards for selecting teachers

CLN not only values the foreign language expertise and teaching skills of teachers but also places great importance on personal life experiences. We have adopted nine major selection criteria and three retention processes to provide services that meet and are close to the needs of our clients. We have pre-service training and evaluation standards. In addition, we regularly hold consultant training to improve our professionalism.

Rich practical experience

Having practical experience in industries such as finance, accounting, human resources, public relations, communications, technology, law, medicine, and more, our course design and teaching methods are directly connected to industry practices, which best cater to the English learning needs of business professionals.

Multiple teaching methods

CLN's consultants have obtained teacher training certifications such as CELTA, TEFL, and ESL, and incorporate management and coaching methods in their teaching, including ATD, FTT, and AL accelerated learning methods to enhance learning motivation through diverse teaching approaches.

Our administrative team

CLN provides opportunities for individuals passionate about foreign language education and offers an environment that suits their talents and abilities. We value the unique expertise and potential of each member and firmly believe that by placing the right talent in the right role, everyone can maximize their value.

Diverse team background

Our administrative team comes from diverse backgrounds in foreign languages, education, technology, business management, media, and more. This allows us to best cater to the needs of clients from various industries.

Passion for language and education

Our administrative team is passionate about language learning and have innovative ideas for contributing to adult language learning and the language education industry.

Talent accelerator

Starting from education, CLN provides flexible and diverse learning opportunities for its colleagues. At CLN, team members’ abilities will double and grow.