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Corporate Chinese Training

Develop comprehensive language skills through online or in-person teaching

Chinese Language Training

Through online or in-person teaching, we cultivate comprehensive foreign language proficiency.

We focus on customized language consulting services: the CLN team will first coordinate with relevant departments, arrange project launch meetings, and deeply understand the challenges and needs faced by the client. After evaluating the feasibility, we will further provide solutions.

The education and training provided by CLN are practice-oriented and include online and blended learning. We offer multiple practice opportunities in the classroom, such as presentations, group collaboration, and practical exercises, so that you can gain practical experience.

If you need Chinese language training for in-house corporate training, corporate group classes, company employee language education and training, corporate external training, or dispatching lecturers, please fill out the “Corporate Language Training Consultation” form. We will contact you after receiving it.

*Service coverage: Taiwan; including Taipei, Taoyuan, Hsinchu, Taichung, Tainan, Kaohsiung, and other areas.

Course Category

Our educational services for corporate group classes and company foreign language training are divided into four types. Customers can choose the appropriate service according to their own needs.

Webinar / Seminar



Manager one-on-one coaching

Corporate Training Service Process

Understanding Needs, Customizing Proposals

a. Understand the enterprise client's background, training goals, participant characteristics, etc.

b. CLN provides professional proposal planning according to the client’s needs.

Free Trial, Official Signing

a. CLN provides a free one-hour trial course for the first-time cooperating enterprise partner.

b. Following that, we reconfirm the project plan with the enterprise partner and complete the signing of the cooperation agreement.

Pre-course Preparation, Pre-course Assessment

a. CLN cooperates with HR to begin the course and provide administrative support.

b. We arrange for participants to take a pre-course ability assessment to use as a basis for class placement and teacher selection.

Pre-course Meeting, Provide Syllabus

a. The consultant and enterprise partner have a kick-off meeting to confirm learning needs.

b. Based on actual needs, the consultant provides an exclusive course outline.

Training Courses, Quality Management

a. Maintain communication with the enterprise partner during the course to ensure the learning direction is correct.

b. Invite participants to fill out in-class questionnaires to make real-time adjustments to the course content.

Post-course Assessment, Report Provision

a. Provide enterprise participants with post-course ability assessments to evaluate learning outcomes.

b. Provide teaching logs, attendance status, and consulting feedback reports

Introduction of Chinese courses

Basic Chinese Language Course for Daily Life

Provide basic learners with a quick grasp of listening, speaking, reading, and writing in Chinese.

Common vocabulary, Conceptual grammar, Chinese pronunciation, Listening skills, Basic reading, Conversational skills for daily life, Writing expressions, Topic discussion

Business Chinese Proficiency Course

Through progressive teaching, the course enables students to quickly master the Chinese language skills required for the workplace.

Common vocabulary, Conceptual grammar, Practical translation skills, Business communication skills, International current affairs, Listening skills, Reading comprehension tests, Conversational skills for daily life

Professional Chinese Language Course

Chinese for specific industries and fields

Marketing Chinese, Human Resources Chinese, Technology Chinese, Customer Service Chinese

Level & Course Description

Course Description
Related Topics
Start learning basic Mandarin pronunciation, vocabulary, and simple sentence structures
Daily conversational phrases, Greetings, self-introduction, and basic conversation
Learn advanced sentence structures and grammar, as well as increase vocabulary
Travel, food and drink, shopping, work, academia, entertainment, and culture
Improve oral and written skills, and gain more knowledge about language and culture 
Current affairs, news, literature, business, socializing, translation, cultural exchange, etc

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