Workplace English Training  Program

Workplace English Training Program

Program Introduction

CLN started as an in-house training program and is now a language consulting company chosen by many of the top 100 enterprises. Well-known partners include Google, Yahoo, IBM, MediaTek, and Starbucks.

This is a practical program for commercial English proficiency, designed to lead to more challenging foreign language programs for managers. Through a progressive teaching approach, learners not only quickly acquire the English skills needed in the workplace but also enhance their work performance.

If you are interested in our courses, please fill out the “Corporate Language Training Consultation” form. We will contact you further after receiving it.

Program Content

This program covers the following topics, with their corresponding content and learning objectives listed below.
Course Topics
Common English Vocabulary
▸ elephone, Email, Film and TV, Sports, Politics
▸ Travel, Accommodation Booking, Registration, Shopping, Dining
▸ Acquire the use of image and chain mnemonic techniques to easily memorize vocabulary
▸ Understand English vocabulary structures, and analyze unknown words
English Listening Skills
▸ Repeating key words, emphasis on words, linking, and weakening sounds
▸ Using note-taking and charts to assist understanding
▸ Familiarizing with the thinking patterns of native English speakers
▸ Mastering listening skills to understand main ideas and key words
English Grammar Concepts Analysis
▸ Punctuation, eight parts of speech
▸ Three tenses, four sentence patterns, five sentence types
▸ Precisely apply English grammar to writing
▸ Clearly convey meaning through correct grammar concepts
English Reading Strategies
▸ Analysis of sentence structure
▸ Skimming, scanning, detailed reading, and extensive reading
▸ Understanding how to grasp the key words of an article and quickly understand the content
▸ Ability to read articles on different topics and grasp the main idea
English Pronunciation
▸ Contractions, difficult sounds, weak sounds, linked sounds
▸ Stress, rhythm, assimilation and dissimilation of sounds
▸ Flexibly use British and American pronunciation
▸ Analyze the differences between British and American usage
Everyday English Conversation
▸ Introductions, greetings, invitations, visits, receptions
▸ Small talk, suggestions, reminders, refusals, farewells
▸ Proficiency in commonly used vocabulary and grammatical structures in spoken English
▸ Familiarity with the application of everyday English and ability to communicate fluently in oral conversations
Commercial English Translation
▸ Interpreting and rephrasing techniques, sentence structure and order conversion
▸ Word meaning translation, concretization and abstraction process
▸ Analyzing translated texts to identify areas where the student may need improvement in English
▸ Acquiring language conversion skills and improve writing abilities indirectly
Business English Writing
▸ Topic sentences, supporting sentences, concluding sentences
▸ Various rhetorical devices in sentence writing
▸ Ability to write complex sentences and articles to express oneself
▸ Ability to self-edit and revise articles
International current events
▸ Topics include politics, finance, technology, healthcare, and sports
▸ The US, Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East
▸ Stay up to date with current events in areas such as sports, arts and culture, finance, and politics
▸ Being able to confidently discuss and exchange opinions on international current affairs
Exploration of cultural issues
▸ Understanding cultural customs of different countries
▸ Oral and non-oral communication
▸ Enhancing understanding of similarities and differences in cross-cultural behaviors
▸ Learning the English terminology related to cultural issues in different cultures.