English Training in the Gaming and Software Industry

English Training in the Gaming and Software Industry

Taiwan Renowned Gaming and Software Company “G Company ”

Corporate Background

G Company is a renowned gaming and software company in Taiwan. In addition to deepening its roots in the gaming industry, G Company has also developed into various fields, such as mobile payments, e-commerce services, and media procurement, with the goal of becoming a comprehensive online company in Taiwan. In recent years, the company has also expanded its business to regions such as Korea, Hong Kong, and Japan, actively connecting with the global market and striving to become a world-class digital entertainment brand, providing innovative life experiences to consumers worldwide.

Corporate Needs

To accommodate the diverse business development and global expansion of G Company, the Chief Operating Officer (COO) often travels abroad to negotiate with partners and clients on business matters. Most of the time, English is required for communication, such as introducing the company’s business, visiting cooperative manufacturers, and attending business social events, and the COO also needs to respond to a large volume of English emails on a regular basis.

The COO of G Company graduated from the Department of Information Science and has a solid background in software expertise. However, his English proficiency is similar to most Taiwanese people’s. He is good at reading English and can understand the content of English letters, but his listening, speaking, and writing skills are relatively weak. Therefore, when negotiating with manufacturers from various countries, he often cannot fully understand others’ expressions, nor can he fully express the company’s position. He also frequently feels anxious about participating in social occasions, fearing that his poor English communication skills will affect the company’s professionalism and prevent him from obtaining ideal business plans.

Upon knowing that the COO has long been struggling with English, G Company’s secretary helped to search for relevant training courses in the hope of comprehensively improving his business English ability. The goal was to enable the COO to not only fully understand others’ needs but also to fluently express his position and ideas in English during various business-related activities in the future.


In order to better understand the learning needs of the COO, CLN first consulted with the secretary of G Company, and then had a one-on-one English proficiency assessment with a consultant teacher to further understand the COO’s learning needs and expectations, providing a more precise course plan.

Due to job requirements, the course schedule needs to be highly flexible. Therefore, the CLN curriculum team arranged a “One-on-One Course for Senior Managers,” allowing the COO to adjust the course schedule flexibly according to his schedule without the space-time limitation. Even if traveling abroad, CLN provides online learning services, allowing the COO to learn uninterrupted regardless of location, and helping him achieve an excellent balance between work and self-improvement.

In addition to flexible course scheduling and location, CLN also has provided customized and solid training courses, planning a total of 30 hours of practical business English courses for each period, tailored to the COO’s work requirements. CLN’s professional consultant teachers provide one-on-one teaching, establishing a solid foundation of business English proficiency for the COO through coaching and guidance. To meet the Chief Operating Officer’s work requirements and enhance his overall business English skills, CLN has planned courses on grammar concepts and social English, effectively improving listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills.

Grammar Concept

Business Letters

Social English


The one-on-one training mode not only provides customized learning content tailored to individual needs but also immediately solves learners’ English learning problems. It can also flexibly adjust the course schedule to accommodate learners’ work time, avoiding the “inability to attend classes” as a factor that hinders self-improvement. For high-level managers like the COO of G Company, who have a very tight schedule every day, only courses that can be flexible and can adjust to their personal time can allow them to improve their foreign language ability while completing their work.

Also, with rich course content and a large number of situational exercises, the COO not only saves a lot of time on post-class reviews but also gradually builds up confidence in English responses. They no longer feel anxious on various social occasions and successfully establish a good image for the company while rapidly expanding their network.

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