Corporate Training in Transportation Business

Corporate Training in Transportation Business

Taiwan Renowned Transportation Company “M Company”

Corporate Background

M Company is a well-known domestic shipping company. Since opening its North American West Coast route in 1979, the company has successively opened new routes around the world, including the Mediterranean, Europe, and Australia. In addition, it has established regional headquarters and branch offices around the world. Recently, M Company has actively cooperated with world-renowned shipping companies, hoping to provide more comprehensive transportation services to customers worldwide.

Corporate Needs

Since M Company has offices worldwide, employees often need to hold video conferences with foreign colleagues, and foreign employees are often seen in the company. Employees usually communicate via English emails but often encounter difficulties in meetings.

This reflects the English learning process of M Company employees, which is the same as most Asian people. They have a certain level of English reading and writing, but relatively weaker listening and speaking skills. However, in the workplace, international conferences value listening and speaking abilities, and not only require an understanding of the content expressed by the other party, but also timely responses in English.


The CLN team first conducted a preliminary needs assessment with the HR team of Company M to clarify the English proficiency and course needs of Company M employees, in order to customize the content of the English course for meetings. They learned that Company M hopes to not only teach practical phrases for meeting English but also to cultivate employees’ meeting skills. Therefore, in addition to language training, the course also incorporates skills related to meeting moderation, including how to open a meeting, small talk topics for meetings, listening strategies, and note-taking skills.

Mock Conference

How to start a conference

Small Talk

Response skills


The average total score for the course is 92/100


Based on feedback from participants, it can be seen that the teacher’s lively teaching style created a safe and comfortable classroom atmosphere, allowing even those who are usually too shy to speak English to bravely practice speaking. The practical phrases taught in the course should not just be memorized but should be used in the appropriate situations to truly learn them.

CLN’s consultants place great importance on practicing practical skills, so at the end of the workshop, a simulation meeting was designed to allow participants to apply what they learned in practical situations and deepen their familiarity with the practical phrases. In addition to effectively improving the participants’ English expression, their confidence in speaking English was also established. In future international conferences, employees of M Company will no longer just “attend”, but can truly “participate” in them.

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